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Group Work

Our preschool service offers a range of group activities during the school-day. These activities are delivered through a language enriched environment. Within PALS we use the 'Attention Autism' program, an intervention aimed to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. Group sessions also include circle time, speech group sessions, small group sessions (4-6 children), snack time, interactive story time sessions and play development. Our Speech and Language Therapist, Olive monitors and guides the language goals that the teachers present to the children. Each child is evaluated by Olive and based on this evaluation an individual speech and language program will be devised. Recommendations and activities provided in the program are then incorporated into the daily group and individual sessions for the child. Olive consults both on site and remotely and is available to assist with children’s programs, providing advice and support to staff and parents.


Play Based Language and Communication

At PALS we also ensure to target skills in the natural environment to ensure skills generalise away from structured table top settings. We can teach play skills, social skills, language skills, imitiation and visual performance skills in a way that is fun and motivating for the child. We run structured play sessions to ensure exposure to new activities and to teach new play skills.


Functional Communication Skills

We place a primary emphasis on functional communication skills across the entire school day. There skills that ensures a child's wants and needs are met (requesting skills). We ensure that children are constantly communicating with us throughout the day. Requesting skills can be taught vocally or through alternative communication systems such Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) or assistive devices such as Grid.



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