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Our preschool service offers a range of group activities during the school-day. These activities are delivered through a language enriched environment and include circle time, small group sessions (3-4 children), snack, story time, circle time, speech group session and play development. These sessions are designed to provide a variety of structured and free play sessions including a focus on language, motor integration, sensory play, art time and story time.

Our Speech and Language Therapist, Olive monitors and guides the language goals that the teachers present to the children. Each child is evaluated by Olive and based on this evaluation an individual speech and language programme will be devised. Recommendations and activities provided in the programme are then incorporated into the daily group and individual sessions for the child. Olive visits the school twice monthly and is available to assist with children’s programs, providing advice and support to staff and parents.

2018 Pals Preschool

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